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6 Quotes To Inspire Campus Recruiters

Motivational quotes

In this age of rapid consumption of information, speedy bursts of inspiration have become a huge trend, and somewhat of an obsession, on social media.

Whether it’s inspirational quotes on Twitter or images of motivating phrases accompanied with a background of a scenic landscape on Pinterest, these strings of words fill us with positivity and encouragement.

This gave us an idea.

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Meet the TalentEgg Awards judges: Top students from Vancouver Island University, University of Waterloo, Ted Rogers School of Management and Odette School of Business

The judging period for the 2014 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards has officially begun!

An elite panel, made up of 200 top students from schools across Canada, is currently examining and providing feedback on employers’ campus recruitment initiatives, eventually leading to the selection of the Top 3 finalists and winners in each category. Continue reading →

Gamification and Campus Recruiting: Introducing TalentEgg Challenges

TalentEgg Challenges

Today’s students and recent grads are different.

Forget the tired stereotypes of entitlement and poor work ethic – these are attributes typical of youthfulness, not qualities unique to Generation Y-ers.

Some of the real attributes that make the current generation of Canadian youth different are an unparalleled level of tech savvy – and an unprecedented emphasis on meaningful work. Continue reading →

When Recent Grad Met Recruiter: 6 Ways To Stand Out

hands sized When Recent Grad Met Recruiter: 6 Ways To Stand Out

Recruitment and hiring isn’t just competitive for job seekers.

How are YOU, as a recruiter, engaging and retaining top students and grads?

Interacting directly with students on campus is a key element of an effective recruitment strategy. While top students will naturally stand out from the pack, it is also vital for recruiters to focus on effective networking. Continue reading →